Thursday, 6 September 2012

FOREVER 21:: Earrings

i've visited forever 21 a few times now but have never actually bought anything
so i decided to dedicate a few hours to the store on oxford street
with the aim of buying at least one outfit for uni..

i was actually quite disappointed with what they had for this season,
there were a lot of blacks and whites along with some sharp colours
like royal blue and red which i thought weren't the best choices for autumn.
and although their sales racks were jam packed with clothes and people..
unfortunately, i didn't find anything that i wanted :(

i ended up leaving the store with two pairs of underwear and two pairs of earrings.
the earrings were retailing at £3.15 each so i spent about £12 in total
which i thought was a little more than what it would usually cost
if i were to get these items from another store (eg. h&m/claires?)

but i have been on the look out for some really cute flower earrings
so i thought i'd grab myself a light blue pair (which matched my nails at the time)
and a crystal silver pair which i thought would be perfect for dinner dates! :)

i'm definitely planning on making another trip with the hope that i'll find stuff i like
as i always hear such great things about the store in america etc :)

what are your opinions on forever 21?
do you guys buy from there?
let me know!