Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Our first time at Top Golf! :) ♥

i mentioned in a previous blog post that tim and i took our first trip to play at top golf a few days ago
and i have to say, the only reason why i wanted to go was because i saw another couple play!
so at the beginning, i was sceptical as i thought that golf was a sport that needed patience
(and i am definitely far from patient!)

we totally sucked in the first few games hahaa we would totally miss!
but by the end of the day, we were pretty much pros!
well, not so much for me, but more for tim! 

we went to the Watford branch so there were two floors
with a bar and a seating area downstairs and the booths for playing golf :)
we took a booth on the top floor and the service was great!
we ordered food and they would run up and down bringing you the bill and food etc..

and at the end of the day, you can ask them to print out your scores
which is amazing for me because i love keeping little things from the places we visit!

here's some piccies, enjoy! ^^

thank you for letting me share this with you! :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

MAYBELLINE:: Color Sensational Lip Stain (Tender Rose 150)

a few months ago, i remember watching Michelle Phan's "Rock the Red" video
where she used loads of different types of lipsticks for different looks
and for one of them, she used a lipstain! :)
[you can watch the video here:]

i finally bagged myself a lipstain from Maybelline too
but instead of going for the dark red, i chose the lightest pink which enhances my natural lip colour
(the other colours were slightly bolder and darker )

the Boots i went to only had 4 colours to choose from,
but there are a few more: blushing, wink of pink, 
tender rose (my one!), shy red, in the buff and plum flushed!

the lipstain reminds me of a crayon so i find it quite fun applying it on!
it's like colouring in a picture super carefully so you don't go over the lines! haha :)
this lipstain dries relatively quickly but gives you enough time
to make adjustments so that there's no colour outside of your lip range!

i like to apply some onto the bottom lip and then rubbing my lips together
so that the colour is shared with the upper lip too
as simply colouring in your lips can be a heavier, brighter colour..

although it tastes quite fruity and sweet,
a few licks of the lips can wipe away the product..
and even faster if you have a meal!
but i guess you can always re-apply :)

however, i find that my lips become very dry and start to peel
after wearing this product throughout the day
so you'd need to have some vaseline or lip balm.

dries quickly
small and light
easy to apply

dries your lips
disappears quickly

thank you for reading :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

MAX FACTOR:: Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow (Bronze Haze)

I got this as a gift with the purchase of Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara (Gold)
the name is pretty self-explanatory! it's an eyeshadow pen to achieve a smoky eye look :)

step 1 is the lighter colour (gold/beige) with a rounded edge
and step 2 is the darker colour for the outer third of your eye (dark brown)
and this has a flat, pointed tip which means you can angle the pen
to create your crease and the outer shadow etc.

i actually read the reviews after my purchase and realised that there were quite a few negative reviews
as most of the customers complained about the eyeshadow pen/stick to smudge easily
or that the eyeshadow pen would snap easily (after the first use or so)

thankfully, my eyeshadow stick did not snap after the first use
because i didn't need to apply much pressure to see the results! :)
the eyeshadows are quite creamy which means that it is a smooth and easy roll-on application,
but because it is a creamy eyeshadow, it does tend to smudge quite easily (especially in heat!)

i wore it to play top-golf (for the first time!) in 26°C heat!
and the colour wore off a little for my triple eyelid (left eye), 
and the pencil eyeliner on the top of my mono-lid (right eye)
transferred onto the eyeshadow which caused some smudging..
but that's nothing a re-application can't fix! :)
also, if it's going to be a long day and you don't have time to be fixing it,
just apply some primer before using the product! :)

they have quite a few colours as well -
pink plume, blue tempe, onyx smoke, purple dust, silver storm, 
indigo mist, citrus thunder and bronze haze (the one i got!)
this is definitely something i'd use if i was in a hurry (i usually am haha)
and it's something that fits in bags of all sizes!

so all in all..

easy application
easy for blending
variety of shimmery colours
light and small (to fit in a handbag)
generous amount of eyeshadow

smudges easily
has been known to snap easily
doesn't last very long in the heat

thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

new blog! ^^ ♥

hey everyone! welcome to my new blog :)
this is going to be my new messy scrapbook about literally every thing!
from reviewing cosmetics, anything beauty-related, shopping, clothes and shoes (of course!)
to writing about my days with my family, friends and my wonderful fiancé ^^
nice to meet you! :)