Monday, 13 August 2012

MINI HAUL:: Famous X

my local superdrug has a new stand open for the cosmetic brand 'famous x'
so i thought i'd check it out and grab a few items to test ;)
i've never purchased anything under this brand before
but the stand was so flashy and colourful, i just couldn't resist! :'(

there wasn't much available as i'm guessing they were still stacking the shelves
so i grabbed three eyeshadow palettes (mainly because i liked the packaging)
i can't remember exactly but i think they were around £4-£5 each..

i'm really excited to try all of them because they're all so sparkly!!
i'm loving the shades in the last palette (smouldering)
although at first i was a little skeptical because the eyeshadows in
the glitzy palette looked quite similar so i decided to get both to try ;p

i'll swatch these for you guys soon!

peace out!