Thursday, 29 November 2012

SALLY HANSEN:: No More Breaks, Healthy Cuticles Now & Insta-Brite

a few months ago, moneysupermarket had an amazing sally hansen deal
where you could choose 3 products for the price of £6 (plus £3.99 del.)
and there were three different sets to choose from..
(really really sorry i didn't tell you guys earlier!)

the option with the dry-quick polish sold out super quickly
so i chose the set with these three products:
- healthy cuticles now
- insta-brite nail whitener
- no more breaks natural nail strengthener

i couldn't use them for a while because i had my acrylics nails
(and because they didn't arrive till about 2 weeks later!)
but now that they've finally decided to come off (except the ring fingers)
i've tested out the 'healthy cuticles now!' cream 
and the 'no more breaks' polish.

my nails were very weak after the acrylic nails had fallen off
and my cuticles were extremely dry and rough.
but after having only using this product twice a day for three days,
my cuticles are now moisturised and healthy-looking
and my nails are definitely stronger and thicker.

i would definitely recommend grabbing one of these
if your nails are: dry, weak, brittle and thin;
and if your cuticles are: dry, rough and unhealthy.
it retails for about £7 in boots and superdrug which is a little pricey,
but you get instant results and you don't have to use it twice daily
(although it is recommended if you want to see results quickly)
so you can just use it whenever you feel they need it.

i have mixed reviews about the 'no more breaks' polish
mainly because my nails are in such terrible condition
that they're not physically keeping any polish on the surface.
you can apply them to dry nails as a clear protective shield,
or you can wear them as a base or top-coat.

however, the product is a green mixture so your nails will have a green tint.
so i would prefer using it as a base coat rather than a top-coat
(unless you're digging a greenish tint at the moment!)
but as i mentioned before, my nails don't have an even surface at the moment,
so the polish just cracks and peels off :(

i will definitely try it again when my nails have healed and i'll let you guys know!
also, i haven't tried the nail whitener yet because i don't want to overload
my nails with too many products for the moment (poor things!)

sally hansen products usually retail for just under £10 which is a little expensive
but they actually do what they say so you won't be disappointed.
if your nails need some care, it's worth looking into :)
for now, here are some piccies! :)

Sally Hansen: Healthy Cuticles Now!

Sally Hansen: Insta-Brite Nail Whitener

Sally Hansen: No More Breaks



what do you guys think?
would you invest in any of the three?
and if any of you have used the nail whitener, let me know!!

P/S: sign up to the moneysupermarket deals (i think they're weekly/fortnightly)
if you want amazing cosmetic bargains or cheap getaways!

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