Saturday, 2 June 2012

BENEFIT:: Waterproof Bad Gal Liner (Extra Black)

my sister gave this to me and i decided to use it for lining the top of my eyes :)
i have uneven eyes - a triple eye lid on the left eye and a mono-lid on the right!
so i needed a pencil eyeliner that wouldn't smudge on my mono-lid.

i generally prefer pencil liners because they're softer and less messy 
(for someone like me!)
whereas, liquid eyeliners are harsher and bolder but it's more precise and clean
so i tend to use a liquid eyeliner for a night out - just so i know it'll stay!

i would definitely recommend this eyeliner because it does what it says - 
it's extremely waterproof!
and it stays on throughout the day so there's no need to keep reapplying..
there's also a smudger on the other end of the pencil so you can soften the look :)

unfortunately, the eyeliner does eventually transfer to the top on my mono-lid 
but this is still the case for me with liquid eyeliner and primer doesn't do much
so if you guys have any suggestions, that would be great! :)
also, i don't usually use it to line the bottom of my eyes so i can't assure the same results.

after finishing the first one, i decided to look for another waterproof eyeliner 
as this one tends to be a little on the expensive side unfortunately! :(
i've looked at almost all the high-street brands and i haven't seen one like this
so after, i bought the same one again because i love it so much and i was too lazy to hunt elsewhere! 
it lasts for about 4 months (if you use it on a daily basis) and it does the job!

long lasting
lasts for a few months
soft texture
additional smudger

can smudge

thank you for reading! :)

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