Wednesday, 20 June 2012


carmen and i attended a fancy dress party two weekends ago
(only, we were one of the very few who actually dressed up as something!)
we wore matching outfits, heels, masks, hair and make up
so we spent the entire night confusing everyone at the party! ;)

for the face, i concentrated on the eyes and the lips
as everywhere else would be covered by the mask..
and i actually made the mistake of using an eyebrow pencil and concealor
which will melt behind your mask throughout the night!
so it will eventually transfer onto the back of your mask :(

i actually chose quite a simply smokey eye look by focusing on gold
to compliment both the outfit and the beautiful mask :)

for the inner third of my eyelids:
i used a light, shimmery cream eyeshadow to make my eyes appear larger
and i also placed some near my tear ducts and lower lash line.

for the centre of my eyelids:
i used a shimmery gold to blend the cream and brown together
and brushed it slightly higher than my crease as i was planning on wearing falsies.

for the outer third of my eyelids:
i used a dark brown eyeshadow near the crease to deepen the look
and i feathered it towards the brow as i wanted the eyeshadow to be still be visible
after putting on my super thick falsies!

for the cheeks:
if your cheekbones aren't very apparent, bronzer and blush is a must! :)

for the lips:
i couldn't decide between nude lips and rosy lips
and decided to opt for rosy lips as they complimented the mask beautifully!
(which was somewhat surprising for me haha!)
and i chose a lip stain to avoid having to reapply constantly.

for the hair:
i tied two low ponytails and used a curling iron to create spiral curls
and hair sprayed them into place :)

 products used:
Garnier Roll-On Concealor (Shade 02)
MUA Pressed Powder (Shade 1)
SASA Cameleon Make Up Palette (No. 18 - Shimmery cream)
H&M Glitter Eyeshadow Palette (Gold)
Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box (Half Baked)
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
Barry M Soft Eye Pencil (Black)
MUA Bronzer (Shade 1)
SASA Cameleon Make Up Palette (Blush)
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain (150 - Tender Rose)
False Eyelashes from Ebay
TRESemme Hair Spray (Freeze Hold)

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