Tuesday, 26 June 2012

BOURJOIS:: Smoky Eyes Trio (Mordoré Chic 03)

i got this a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it!
i love it so much that i use it on a daily basis now ^^
the eye shadow stays on all day and you don't need a lot of it -
a little definitely goes a long way with this little beauty!

i got the Mordo Chic 03 trio (third one in the photo above)
so there's a light shimmery beige colour, a gold and a shimmery dark brown.
i don't need to gather a lot on my brush to see the results
and the product lasts all day - even without primer!
which is amazing because i don't usually use primer (pure laziness)
and i can get quite busy throughout the day so i don't have time to reapply :)

the packaging is absolutely adorable!
it's a small circular pot which is slightly smaller than my palm
so it's extremely convenient and doesn't take up a lot of space in my clutch.
they also provide you with a small applicator on the side
so if you bring this with you on a night out, then you can reapply with that
(rather than using your fingers or having to bring a brush)

they also have instructions on the back for a basic smokey eye look
which is incredibly helpful for newbies :)
you don't have to follow their instructions, it's just a guideline -
i use mine in a completely different way which is fine.

i use the lightest shade on my tear ducts and the inner third of my eyes,
the darkest shade on the outer third and the medium shade in the centre
to blend away any harsh edges and because the gold looks stunning!
and i also apply the lightest shade on my brow bone..

overall, i would definitelyi (100%!) recommend this product
as the eye shadows are pigmented enough to give a beautiful smokey eye look
and it is very, very convenient to have with you on any occasion!
i think i paid about £6 for this too so it was definitely worth it! ^^

long lasting
small packaging
extra applicator
instructions for newbies

and no cons for this amazing product! :o

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