Wednesday, 13 June 2012

H&M:: Nail Polish (Pink Road)

i absolutely love h&m so seeing as i'm already on the h&m hype..
here's another review from one of their cosmetic products :)

i have really been loving this shade on my nails!
i like wearing red nail polish, but i think sometimes, it can be a little bold.
this colour is a mixture of rosy pink and soft red, it's so beautiful!
it goes with literally everything i wear - whether its blue, black or white etc..
it is just the perfect colour-blocking shade to wear :)
it really brings out the summery feel that we all dream of here in england!

super inexpensive
lasts over a week
dries very quickly

and i actually can't think of any cons for this nail polish! :o
i think it was only £1.99 so the quality is amazing for that price!

take a look :)

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  1. The color is so cute and the price is affordable too! Thanks for the helpful review (as usual). I always sort of thought your blog will be popular soon.