Wednesday, 13 June 2012

H&M:: Minnie Kisses Eyeshadow Palette

i bought this a while back during a little shopping trip with my mama! ;)
the packaging was so adorable! i just couldn't leave the shop without it!! ^^
i didn't think i would actually need the eyeshadow colours on the palette
as i often just go for a soft smokey eye (or just nude) on a daily basis..
however, i was asked to do a paint photoshoot and as i did my own make up,
i found that this palette had the most perfect colours - pretty and colourful! :)

i was surprised to find that the eyeshadows were very pigmented 
so i'm sure that this palette would last me a very long time!
and even without priming my eyes before applying the eyeshadows,
they remained bold and colourful throughout the entire shoot!

i definitely recommended grabbing one as it's really inexpensive 
(about £4 i think?!)
and although the eyeshadows are extremely glittery,
i experiened hardly any fallouts onto my cheeks etc :)

but as adorable as the packaging is.. 
it is a large, flat circle so it doesn't fit in my make up bag,
but everyone's make up bags/cases aren't the same! ;p

range of bright colours
very pigmented
pretty packaging

large packaging

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