Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hey guys! Back in August 2012, my local Superdrug introduced a new stand for a cosmetic brand called Famous X so there were some really good introductory offers for the few products that they had on display. I picked up 3 mini eyeshadow palettes and have been promising you guys for some swatches since then, I'm so so sorry for the delay! :'(

The colours are so beautiful and they're very pigmented - like Urban Decay eyeshadows, which is amazing because I bought these palettes for about £4-£5 each and Urban Decay palettes usually retail from about £20+. I've only used the 'Glitzy!' palette for a couple of nights out but they've shown up beautifully in photos - they stay pigmented and the glittery  eyeshadows in the palette stay glittery throughout the night! :) The only matt eyeshadow is from the 'Marbella Nights' palette which is a dark brown/almost black shade.

All the swatches are from L-R from the top to bottom:


'Marbella Nights'


I only needed to swatch the colours onto my skin twice at most and for the majority of the 'Glitzy!' palette, I only needed to swatch it once so as you can see, they're very pigmented and the colours are absolutely stunning! They're definitely worth the buy and I'm so excited to try out some new looks with all 3 palettes!!

What colours do you think I should try?!

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