Friday, 1 February 2013

CHANEL:: Rouge Allure Lipstick in Exaltée 93

I treated myself to my first Chanel lipstick a few weeks ago and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. "You get what you paid for" definitely works with Chanel haha :) I actually risked buying this product on eBay as I didn't want to pay the full retail price of £25 from Selfridges. In total, I paid about £19 (bargain!!) but I did do some research on the seller before purchasing.. The item was listed as "Brand New in Box" and the photo showed everything that was included. The seller had 1982 ratings, was rated 100% and buyers left feedback about the product being genuine which is exactly what I was worried about! 

I'm not really into nudes or light pinks - I wear lipstains during the day and I love brighter pinks and reds for nights out :) So I chose Exaltée which is a bright pinkish fuschia. The lipstick glides on so smoothly and it doesn't run or smudge all over the place (which is always a plus!) even without using lip liner, and I don't have to keep reapplying either. The packaging looks very high-end and professional and I love how you have to push down the top of the outer shell to bring the lipstick out because I always worry about lids coming loose in my bag and having to clean up the lipstick party that's taken place!

But like all lipsticks, they dry up your lips. I've found that this one moisturises your lips for a little longer than others before it starts to dry up. Nonetheless, I am very happy with this little beauty and I will definitely be investing in a few more Chanel lippys but I think I might give my heart a break and purchase from a store instead of eBay haha. I'm very drawn towards Coramandel which is a bright red and Pirate which is a darker plummy red so they're on my wishlist as of January 2013! :)


Thought it'd be useful to let you guys compare the colour of the lipstick and the colour that actually comes out on your skin :)

4 hours later:

So this is after 2 peanut butter sandwiches and 2 cups of tea and the colour's still there with no reapplication! These photos are unedited so you guys can make your own judgement :)

Top tips for buying on eBay: 
Check the seller ratings (I don't usually buy from sellers below 99%)
Read the comments from other buyers
Take a good look at the photo
If you're unsure, message and ask for more photos
Read the description and their shipping and return policy
(tracked shipping is always safer - you can always ask if they offer this)

Have you guys tried any Chanel lipsticks? What do you think?!
Let me know down belowwww (;
Peace out!

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