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VALENTINES:: Gift Ideas For Her

Heyy guys! ^^ I know this is really late but I really wanted to put this out there for all you lovebirds! I put together some gift ideas for your girlfriend/best friend because although I love buying presents for my boyfriend, lets be honest, he's not an expert when it comes to understanding girls and what to buy - even after 3 years haha bless :p 

I know there are a lot of 'anti-Valentiners' out there raving about how we should love our loved ones every day of the year, but think of it as taking this 1 day to really show them some lurve and appreciation and then spend the rest of the 364 loving them endlessly too :)

Just a little disclaimer/pre-warning thingy to put out there: I'm not saying that you have to buy these gifts, these are just ideas to give you somewhere to start with and it might even trigger a lightbulb in your pretty little heads! :) This is also not a sponsored post and these images do not belong to me.

(The next post will be gift ideas for him!)

So lets get started!!

Gifts for her
1) Perfume
There are soo many different types of perfumes out there so there's bound to be one for that special bunny in your life. For example, if your girlfriend is very feminine and girly, I would definitely recommend Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfume (if she doesn't already own it!). It's a flowery/floral kind of scent which  is perfect for spring and the packaging is so adorable!

 If however, she's more playful and sweet, you can also opt for Marc Jacobs' Dot perfume which is has a sweeter, berry-type scent and the packaging just gets cuter. 

And if she likes something sweet and floral-like, then Juicy Couture's La Fleur is also worth looking into! 

These perfumes can range from about £30 up to £50 depending on the size of the bottle so do some research and take a look at the Perfume Shop or your local Boots and Superdrug for any offers that may pop up! :)

2) Make your own perfume
If you're not satisfied with any of the suggestions above or any existing perfumes in the market, and you would like something more personal, then you can always look into making your own personal fragrance! You can buy perfume sets online so you can experiment with the scents at home (take a look at The Perfume Studio) and then surprising her your own creation! Or if you don't trust your nose with womanly fragrances, you can purchase experiences for making perfumes with professionals to guide you and you can make it even more special by taking her along (take a look at Virgin Experiences)! :)

3) Flowers
Girls love flowers! Especially when you've really done your research and noted down her favourite flowers, colours etc. You could surprise her with a single rose/bouquet of roses after work/uni or you could get them delivered to her workplace! Just remember that flowers signify different things - red roses represent passion and fiery love, (perfect for your girlfriend) whilst pale pink roses represent happiness and friendship (perfect for your best girl friend). 'Birth month flowers' are also very meaningful and different traditions have unique sayings too - for example, in Chinese/Taiwanese dramas, the most romantic guys buy a bouquet of 10 roses with 1 fake rose which means, "I will love you until the last rose dies." Awwww!! ^^ 

4) Photo-related gifts
Photographs hold the most beautiful memories. Print a photo that makes the both of you smile and slot it into a cute photo frame (that could even be personalised too!), or if you're more creative and artsy, make a collage! Whip out different materials and paints and colours and have fun with it - it's the thought that counts :) 

Or you could even print photos onto bags, cups, home decorations (canvas, posters) and photobooks! Take a look at Photobox - I have bought photo prints from Boots, Snapfish, Kodak etc but the quality of Photobox is on a whole new level! ;)

Photo-related gifts can vary in prices - if you're on a budget or would like to be able to buy other gifts as well, then you could just buy one photo gift which makes it even more special! But if you want to splash out and want to be able to fill her house with photos of you, then you could go all out and buy as many as you want!!

5) Lingerie
If you can't keep your hands off each other, you could buy exciting new lingerie sets for your sexy someone ;) Red and lace are staple for Valentines but lingerie doesn't just mean two piece sets (bra and undies), babydoll dresses are also sexy and cute! 

Ann Summers 

Ann Summers

4) Cosmetics/Make up
If your girlfriend has an unhealthy appetite for make up (like me!) then I would recommend popping into Selfridges or Boots so you can ask for a little bit of help to pick out what she would like :) If you don't want to brave it out, then Urban Decay's Naked or Naked 2 palettes are a perfect gift because it has beautiful neutral colours for day and night! If she doesn't have it already, she'll be impressed with your choice (it'll look as if you searched high and low for something amazing!). But if she already has the Naked palette, then you could opt for the Naked 2 palette :) 

Naked palette

Naked 2 palette

Or you could take a look at some gift sets from Benefit here.

5) Nail polishes
If she loves painting her nails, then surprise her with some colours that she could use for Spring! Any pastel colours (blue, pink, yellow etc) are perfect.  Essie have really good quality polishes but can be a little pricey (£7.99 each).

You can purchase Essie polishes here.

And if you want something more exciting, then you could buy nail polishes with special effects - e.g. 'Croc' effect, 'Crackle' effect etc (take a look at Barry M).Barry M do amazing nail polishes and they're constantly introducing new nail polish effects. I popped into Superdrug yesterday and took advantage of their 2 for £6 offer on Barry M's Gelly High Shine nail polishes which are so amazing - they last for the whole week without chipping and I don't even have to apply a topcoat because it's so shiny!!

Spring colours from Barry M 
£3.99 from Superdrug

Barry M Nail effects 
£3.99+ from Superdrug

Or if you want to really impress her, then you could look into getting her some Ciate nail sets!

Ciate Duo Sets £16 from Ciate or £18+ from Selfridges
(more to choose from Selfridges)

6) Chocolates
What girl doesn't love her chocolate?! You can get so many different chocolatey gifts from Thorntons and they can personalise them too :)

You can present your loved one with a unique love letter and a chocolate 'slab' (that reminds me of a piece of toast) for only £4.50 from here!

Or if she's a truffles kind of girl, then get your hands on this adorable pink box full of truffles for only £9.99 here :)

They even offer personalised 'alphabet truffles'! You can get 22 pieces for £9.99 here!!

7) Jewellery
If she's into bracelets, then charm bracelets are a perfect gift because you can buy so many different charms for different occasions - it'll become something emotionally valuable to the both of you. Top tip: Invest in a good quality bracelet because you don't want it rusting over time! I'd recommend taking a look at Thomas Sabo and charms can be bought from anywhere really :)

But if she's a more necklace-kind-of girl, then you could look into couple necklaces or pendants :)

7) Shopping vouchers (last resort)
If you really can't decide on what to give her and you're super last minute, then I think your last resort should be shopping vouchers. If she's always shopping on Oxford St, then you could grab a Love2Shop voucher which can be used on a lot of high street stores (research!!); or you could buy shop-specific gift cards too :)

That's pretty much it for my gift ideas for her! To be really honest, she'll love whatever you buy/make for her because it's the thought that counts :) If you're on a low budget, maybe get loads of little presents (nail polishes, chocolates, jewellery etc) and put them together like a little basket or hamper - she'll be so impressed!!

Sorry for the super long post and I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day with your loved ones :)

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