Wednesday, 13 February 2013

HAUL:: Shoes For 2013

Like every typical 19-year old, I have a small obsession for shoes and bags and hello kitty (well, maybe not all 19-year olds haha). I prefer buying heeled shoes compared to flat shoes because I'm only 5 ft 5 so I look tiny next to my boyfriend who is a whole head and a half taller than me!! :'( But that doesn't mean I wear heeled shoes on a daily basis, I'm in uni 4 days a week and I work Friday and Saturday nights so I usually just shove on some boots or if I want some height, I'll wear my wedged trainers - I can't drive properly otherwise!

Here are some shoes that I picked up throughout December and January (or were gifted to me). When the weather decides to be a little nicer, I can finally rock some flats!

Bottle green booties
Primark £5
I already have these in chestnut brown but I had to get these too because the colour's so unique! I wear boots like these quite often but I like rotating between them depending on my outfit. The darker green reminds me of autumn and winter and it also means that dirt won't show up so easily!

Brown fringed booties
H&M £5 (on sale)
These are the cutest ankle booties (or 'fuggs') that I have and I don't really want them to be ruined outside so I think I'll save these babies for spring haha (; The feathers remind me of dream-catchers and the braid and fringed material reminds me of Pocahontas (which I love!!) and a really summery/beachy/boho feel. 

Gold spiked pumps
New Look £12 (on sale)
I'd been eyeing the Steve Madden spiked loafers for a while and wasn't really too keen on spending so much on shoes that I could only wear in the Spring/Summer so when I came across these on sale on the New Look website, I went hysterical!! I love how the spikes are spaced out more than the Steve Madden ones and I love the colour because I wear a lot of white and pastel colours so they'd be perfect! Can't wait to wear them!!

Silver toe capped pumps
Gifted by my lovely baby sister, Little Miss Bookworm (:
My sister bought me these pumps for Christmas and I absolutely love them! They remind me of the Chanel pumps but they have a pointed toe which gives the illusion of a slimmer foot. I haven't had the chance to wear these out yet as it's just too cold but I can't wait to pair these with some white jeans and silver jewellery! Thank you bubba!! ^^

Silver wedges
New Look £11 (on sale)
My bestie Carmen actually bought these not too long before I did but she had purchased them at full price (I think it was about £26) and initially, I wanted them in gold but they had ran out of stock before shipping my order out :( They are ridiculously high but surprisingly, very comfortable! Do you guys ever find that the higher the heel, the more comfy they are?! Especially if they have a platform.. I'm thinking to pair these with a dip hem skirt and a bralet on my next night out!

Black glitter bow heels
Bank £15
My biggest regret is not buying the gold pair as well because it was actually the gold ones that caught my eye at first but they were a size too small and it didn't even occur to me that I could stretch them to my size using Michelle Phan's method.. Nonetheless, they are still beautiful and they're my first pair of black slip-on heels as I usually buy black heeled boots etc. They're from one of my favourite shoe brands - Kitsch Couture. They have amazing designs that usually retail from about £30+ so when they're on sale, you can bet I'll buy them all haha ;p

Leopard print Mary Jane heels
Forever 21 - £5.24

I grabbed these babies on their website during the January sales and thought they were an amazing bargain - reduced from £18.75 to only £5.24!! I don't have any animal print heels so I was contemplating as to whether or not I should add them to my wardrobe, but for a fiver, I really shouldn't of had to hesitate for too long haha! I actually saw these on Instagram in an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) not long after I purchased them and realised that there was so much potential in the pairings that I could come up with! I was also pleasantly surprised by the bottom of the shoe as it's covered in super soft felt so it's definitely going to be an emotional moment when the felt meets the dirty ground :'( I'm planning on wearing these in the Spring with a loose white top and a flowy skirt (: What do you guys think? 

How do you guys think I should wear these babies?!
Let me knoww (:

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