Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MAYBELLINE:: Rocket Volum' Express Mascara (Waterproof)

Hulluuuu! :) I was scanning Superdrug the other day (as you do) and noticed that Maybelline has introduced a new volumising mascara - the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara! I absolutely love Maybelline and especially their mascaras (my favourites being the Colossal and Falsies mascaras). The only mascara from Maybelline that hasn't worked for me is their Great Lash mascara - it just didn't seem to want to stick to my lashes at all; but their Colossal and Falsies mascara does wonders!!

So I purchased the product with high expectations and I'm proud to say that I was very, very impressed with their new Rocket mascara as it gives enormous length and volume! With each sweep of the brush, your lashes just get longer and longer, and thicker and thicker! It's really as if you're wearing subtle falsies which is amazing because I always feel like falsies are so heavy on the eyes. I purchased the waterproof version because the weather in Hertfordshire is beyond unpredictable (or anywhere in England for that matter!!) and I don't want to have to keep popping to the loo to check that my make up has not smudged.

The brush has loads of small bristles which makes sure that every single one of your lashes are coated and you can comb on extra layers without getting spidery or clumped up lashes. The packaging is pretty much the same as a couple of their mascaras (including Colossal) and I absolutely love the chunky handle bit because it makes the application process so much easier and quicker - you can literally, just roll it down your thumb! 

It's on offer at Superdrug for only £5 at the moment so grab one before they start retailing them at the full price (£7.99)!! And let me know if this mascara works wonders on you too! :)

Wishing you all happy lashes!

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